TP-Link Tapo C100: Wi-Fi camera for home surveillance


The TP-Link Tapo C100 is a compact Wi-Fi camera for home use. Of course, no one prevents you from using it even in the office, even in the garage, even on the construction site. But it does not provide dust, water, or vandal protection, and the capabilities are sharpened for solving everyday tasks, so the positioning looks adequate. Shoots video in 1080p, including on a schedule and motion sensor, can write it to a memory card, has voice communication functions.

Why is it interesting?

Because it is an inexpensive and standalone solution For FullHD-quality home video surveillance. Speaking of autonomy, I mean self-sufficiency of the camera, it does not need any smart home hubs or other specific devices, just a normal smartphone is enough to control it. But now let’s go through the functionality carefully.

What does it look like?

Like a security camera should be, without much exoticism. The white matte plastic of the stand and case frames the glossy black front panel. It’s brand-new, easy to collect fingerprints. The rest of the hull is not.

The stand at the bottom has non-slip pads and recesses for wall mounting. Thanks to this design, the fit to the surface is excellent. By the way, due to its small weight, the camera can be fixed with double-sided tape.

The body on the leg rotates thanks to a hinge. I will immediately note that it turns with its hands, after which it remains in the selected position. There is no electric drive or remote rotation function. In the chosen position, it holds perfectly, without a hint of looseness. Along the axis of the leg, you can rotate the camera as you like, but there are restrictions with rotation. From the “on the table” position, it can be put back completely “face up”, but it can be tilted forward or sideways by no more than 30 degrees.

How do I configure and enable it?

First, download the Tapo app using the QR code in the instructions. It’s small, and the Android version weighs about 25 MB, if that’s important to you. Then log in using the TP-Link ID. If you do not have one, you will need to register first, it is free.

What can it do?

He can do a lot of things. In short, the camera is designed for remote monitoring. You can see and hear everything that she sees and hears from a smartphone, but for this she needs a Wi-Fi connection, and any Internet is suitable for a smartphone, and mobile is also suitable. Tapo-C100 can also write videos using the motion sensor, but only on the installed memory card.

Now let’s go back to the Tapo app and look at the possibilities in more detail. So, after connecting, the camera appears in the list of available devices. By clicking on its name, you can access the main functions. In the most visible place — real-time video viewing. You can immediately switch to multi-screen mode, which displays images of multiple cameras, if you have them. Four cameras on a single screen, if desired, the picture can be viewed in full screen mode.


TP-Link Tapo C100 looks like a simple and affordable solution for organizing video surveillance at home. There are no features of more expensive cameras such as saving recordings to the cloud, remote control of rotation and zoom (this is in the older version of the C200), and protection from external influences. But there is a good quality image, a flexible motion detection function, and a functional application for remote monitoring and viewing recordings. Among the most obvious competitors are similar in functionality cameras Xiaomi/MiJia, an alternative to them may be a flock of less well-known Chinese brands.