Movavi photo Editor: a simple and convenient program for beginners


In a previous review, I mentioned the Movavi photo Editor. After studying it more closely, I wanted to tell you about it in more detail.

The program is intended for inexperienced users, for whom it is more important to get results than to understand the subtleties of professional software. This is why Movavi relies on the simplicity of its tools. And how simple they are, read below.

Photo enhancement

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of complex manipulations to make an image look spectacular. It is enough just to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and other parameters. In the photo Editor, you can do this manually, or you can trust auto-Improvement. By moving the sliders to the left and right, you will find the combination that best emphasizes the colors in the photo. But if you still prefer to add filters, textures, and vignettes, you can find them in the Effects tab.

Removing defects

No one likes it when the photo is ruined by glare, spots, and random people or objects that are caught in the frame. The photo Editor has a very convenient function for removing such unwanted objects. It is enough to select them with one of the tools, and the program will do the rest. Specifically, it will fill the selected area with pixels from the other parts of the image.

To change the background or make a collage in the program, you do not need to work with layers. If you explain it in a nutshell, you separate the objects in the foreground from the background and replace it with another image. In order to select an object or person as accurately as possible, the process is divided into 3 parts: object selection, edge refinement, and background replacement. Then you can smooth the edges and adapt the colors of the photo to the new background. This makes the image look very natural.


For high-quality retouching, you do not need to have a huge experience in photo processing. With the help of special photo editor brushes, you can remove wrinkles, pimples and other skin imperfections. Girls will be interested in a virtual ” cosmetic bag” – you can add makeup in the program. You can also change the shape or shape of your face, remove red eyes, and whiten your teeth.

What else is interesting:

  • Restoration of old photos. Disassemble your grandmother’s photo album, scan the images, and then remove all the creases from them. A smart algorithm will also color them if necessary.
  • Noise removal. Remove graininess from photos taken at dusk without a flash. There are 6 customizable filters available.
  • Inserting an image. Combine several images into one and create a collage.
  • Text.
  • Turn.
  • Clipping.
  • Resize.

Movavi photo editor works with a variety of image formats, from standard JPEG, BMP, and PNG to RAW formats. The program made a pleasant impression with its user-friendly interface and simple tools. I advise you to post the developer’s site and try the photo editor yourself.