The Rescue Of The Lichess Cheat Detector; To Ensure Fair Gaming Every Time.


Where to find a fair play?

The game of chess and the players who want to show up their skills without actually using their brains are one of the most toxic combinations ever. As we play manually there are a lot of chances of being cheated on the moves and strategies. The chance increases even more as we play online, but the lichess cheat detector is ready for the game’s rescue. Play fairly and win as you deserve to with the lichess operated chess gaming sites and apps. The chess bot is one of them and you can always give it a demo trial, to see if that is convenient for your device.

Cheating on lichess

  • The lichess detects any kind of external assistance or in simple words cheating.
  • When it detects the cheat, there are a few steps taken to justify the wrongdoing and the white player. These can be through blocking the cheating team or declaring bonus points and a win to its opposition for free.
  • The analysis is the work of the lichess’ analysis feature.
  • There is a statistical analysis done to detect the human brain efficiency in an average.
  • Copy pasting of the moves is kept on a check.
  • Record the study of the player’s gaming history.

What does it cause?

Cheating is a wastage of time and mind, chess might be a difficult game but the level of intellect required to win is the most appealing aspect of the game. The game loses its real essence and feels when any one of the opposition practices cheating. Other than that one can learn to play fairly and keep improving till you beat all the rest and the bests. The lichess cheat helps honest players to gain encouragement and to keep supporting the concept of fair and real matches.