The most effective protection from competitors


The prospects for the near future for most companies are not very bright, because the only way to survive in today’s competitive world is to constantly attack. The best defense against competitors is attack, attacking marketing, and active marketing. If you don’t attack, they attack you. The most advanced players in all world markets know this and actively use marketing.

Anti-protection from competitors

As you know, a wedge is kicked out with a wedge. It turns out that in order to effectively resist attacks, in order to organize the most effective protection from competitors, it is necessary to engage in high-quality marketing, because attacks are implemented through marketing, and therefore it is also necessary to protect yourself through marketing.

In order not to become a victim of the aggressor, it is necessary to build a marketing system that should at least include a monitoring subsystem, an analysis subsystem, and a subsystem for creating “ammunition” to repel attacks. If we talk about the types of protection, then protection from competitors can be the following options: anti-protection, passive, active and mixed.

Anti-protection from competitors – this type of protection is characterized by a complete lack of it. The lack of protection allows us to call this type anti-defense, because the lack of counteraction is equivalent to helping the attacking company. Most companies use this type of protection. The calculation with this approach is based on the fact that the attack will not be this company, or on what “will carry”.

Passive protection from competitors

An example of anti-defense is when the teacher chooses who to call to the blackboard, and at this time everyone is sitting with their eyes down, pretending that no one is there. It can even be assumed that companies that use this approach have created personalities that have lingered at the school level. It is the school experience that they transfer to the business, so school protection from competitors is applied in this case.

Passive protection from competitors is characterized by the fact that potential victims are aware that they may be attacked. For this reason, they are preparing for attacks. To do this, they direct part of the resources to repel attacks. With this approach to the issue, potential victims have to be armed virtually to the teeth and have a powerful enough Arsenal to repel any attacks, because you never know who will act as the aggressor.

In addition, such companies constantly have to live in fear, because you never know exactly when you might be attacked. This is a more or less effective strategy, but it requires a lot of resources, which allows us to recognize it as not very effective. It is always harder to defend than to attack, because you do not know what to expect from the aggressor.

Active protection from competitors

Active protection from competitors is characterized by creating conditions under which an attack becomes either unlikely, impossible, or ineffective, which forces the potential aggressor to abandon their intentions. This defense strategy consists of destroying the aggressor’s attack potential, or creating conditions under which the aggressor can get a decent response, for example, through an Alliance.

Among the tools that help implement this strategy are public opinion formation through PR, intelligence, espionage, and the like. Active protection from competitors is the most effective protection against marketing attacks by aggressors and it is used by a large number of the most successful companies, which helps them survive.

There is another way to repel competitors ‘ attacks – a mixed defense against competitors. There is a type of protection against marketing attacks that involves the use of tools, both active protection and passive, as a result of which it is called – mixed protection from competitors. This type of protection, when properly used, also shows sufficient effectiveness.

Effective protection from competitors

It should always be remembered that whatever type of protection is used, its effectiveness depends on proper planning and on the availability of reliable information about the aggressor. For this reason, it is necessary to have an effective marketing planning system, a monitoring system, as well as a system for collecting and analyzing information. However, the most important thing to know is that the world is not so kind and an attack is always worth waiting for.

Whether or not to have protection from marketing attacks – everyone decides for themselves. However, you should always understand that the role of marketing in the life of any company is very great, and it should not be underestimated, because one day the fact that it is in the company may even save its life. Marketing expenses that may seem unnecessary at first glance always pay off in the end.