How to start a business if it doesn’t work


Business may or may not go. Why is this happening, why is business not going? If the conversation was in a different context, the words “why is it worth it” would cause more joy than distress, because in some cases, the word “worth it” shows just that everything is good. However, when it comes to business, the word “worth” has a negative imprint, because a standing business does not bring its owner anything but headaches and nervous breakdowns.

Business should not stand, business should develop, because money is invested in business, and money should make money, which is impossible with a standing business. Money is brought only by a developing, dynamic business. In order for a stand-up business to start making money, it needs to be made to go, it needs to be given momentum.

The same factor that, according to some, can lead to business stagnation is often called the lack of a sufficient number of qualified personnel who can develop and produce high-quality products. The opinion is certainly interesting and logically seems to be even correct, but if you think about it well, it turns out that this factor again, as well as corruption affects specific companies, and not the industry.

What to do if business doesn’t go well

In other words, all companies that really want to find qualified personnel, if not in their own country, so abroad, since the borders are now actually open and in case of urgent need, you can invite a specialist from any country. Thus, the qualification of personnel can also not be considered as an anchor that does not allow the business to develop, and therefore it is necessary to continue searching for the real reason why the business is not going.

Many attribute the stagnation of business to the fact that companies have to raise the price of their products due to rising prices for factors of production and as a result, they do not sell well. Of course, the price level affects whether the consumer will buy this product or not, but if you try hard, you can find a way to set a price that will be competitive. You can always find ways to reduce the cost level, since there are more than enough measures to do this.

Business does not go when there is no one to buy goods or services. If you decide to go fishing and choose a lake where there are no fish, you can do anything, but you will not catch fish. It is the same in business: if there are no consumers, do what you want, even if you offer the product for free, but you will not be able to sell it. You can scold nature, competitors, the state, but this will not solve the issue.

We know that any market is based on an idea. It is embedded in the minds of some people who eventually become consumers of goods or services and form a market. It is clear that the number of people in whom you can implement this idea is limited, and at some point there comes a point that every person has already implemented the idea and more than that is embodied.

It turns out that there comes a time when the idea exhausts itself, and therefore the market that is built on its basis, exhausts itself, because everyone has already bought these products or used these services and they no longer need them. Buy products on this market only if the previously purchased product fails. As a rule, over a certain period, let’s say a year, the market generates approximately the same level of demand, and therefore the level of supply.

Thus, the company produces almost the same amount of goods from year to year, and it begins to stagnate, as a result of which business does not go. If you take the analogy, you can imagine a glass of water. Pour more water into it than it holds, it will not work, you can only do this if the water is poured out of the glass, ie, if you free up space.